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About us

Myangadi is a hyper local digital platform developed by Workbeans India Pvt Ltd. It was developed with the aim to build a strong buyer - seller connection.

Communities and Localities have a desperate need for On-demand delivery services. The demand is local and the needs immediate. It can be daily needs like groceries, fish, meat, confectionaries. Online Hyper local market is a simple solution to cater such needs. The onset of Pandemic has made a paradigm shift the buying pattern. The current growing trend among customers is BUY LOCAL BUY SMALL. Myangadi Hyper local platform aligns towards this growing trend.

As a seller, the dream of setting an online store was always elusive for small players. It maybe be due to the difficult to access such technology and cost aspect involved. Workbeans, for the past 5 years has been working towards providing digital foot print for small business owners, farmers, artisans through its innovative business solutions. Myangadi app is one such solution developed by Workbeans which helps small vendors to set-up an online stores in a short time, maybe within one or two hours. It doesn’t need big investment. A vendor with a smart phone can start his own online store. This makes vendors to capitalize online searches which has strong commercial intent.

With a range of features, Myangadi aptly serves the needs of both the sellers and buyers.

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